Carry On!

Before reading, check out this video.

Now that you have left active duty have you felt out of place and maybe even a little crazy?  During those times did you do what ever was necessary to keep your bearing?  Did you compromise?  Did you comply?  Did you deny your feelings?  Did you avoid conversations?  Did you become very selective as to whom you would spend time with? 

Have you avoided activities that demonstrate who you really are in fear that someone may see what you have been?  Have you been afraid of being judged?  Even worst, have you questioned whether other’s negative judgments of you could be right?

Are you questioning your sanity and your own worth?  Is everything inside of you telling you that you are being rational, but everything and everyone you have been experiencing appears to be irrational?

Have you come to the point of convincing yourself that the time you spent in the military was a waste of time because no one understands or cares and now, figuratively, you have been trying to eliminate those years from your life?

Have you found a position in life where you make it a point to never speak your truth and never bring about any attention to yourself; that even includes with your family and friends?

Are you working very hard to become a face in the crowd, while your heart is screaming, “Do something!” and all you can ask is, “Do what?  What am I suppose to do?  What can I do?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here’s what you need to hear.  Are you ready?  This can be the most important thing you have ever heard since leaving active duty.  This can be that psychological breath of air your aching lungs have been longing for.  It is a simple truth that you have been taught to ignore and not give a single ounce of attention to.  It is counter to everything that has been drilled into your heads and makes up the fabric of your lives up to now.  Here it is.  IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! 

It’s not your fault that you are feeling what you have felt.  And, you are not alone.  You have never been alone.  I know a lot of times you may have felt like you were, but you are not.

If you need to find answers that will provide you sure footing and support as you carry-on in life after active duty, this community is for you.

Send me a note.  Tell me how I can help you.  The important thing to remember is what you are feeling is NOT your fault and You/We are not alone!